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right now 10-19-10 is jets 6 td's and chargers in all he had 138 td's!

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Q: How many touchdowns does ladanian tomlinson have?
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Who has scored the most touchdowns?

Brett Farve has.

When was ladanian tomlinson born?

ladanian tomlinson was born on June 23, 1979

What college did Ladanian Tomlinson play for?

Ladanian Tomlinson played for Texas Christian University

How many receving Touchdowns did LaDainian Tomlinson have in 2003?

LaDainian Tomlinson had 4 receving touchdowns in 2003.

When is ladanian tomlinson's birthday?

ladanian tomlinson was born on June 23, 1979

How many Super Bowls have ladanian tomlinson won?


What high school did ladanian tomlinson attend?

LaDanian Tomlinson graduated from University High School in Waco, Texas.

Ladanian tomlinson's home address?

* * * *

Where was Ladanian Tomlinson born?


Who does Ladanian Tomlinson play for?

The Chargers

What are ladanian tomlinson's parents names?

LaDainian's father is Oliver Tomlinson

Why did the chargers release ladanian tomlinson?

to old