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None he got injured week 1 of the 2008 season

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Q: How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw in 2008?
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How many touchdown passes has Tom Brady thrown in his lifetime?

As of the 2008 season, Tom Brady has thrown 197 TD passes.

NFL quarterback touchdown record in a season?

As of the 2008 season, that is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots with 50 TD passes in 2007.

How many touchdown passes did Terrelle Pryor have in 2008?

He threw 12 touchdowns in 2008.

Who holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a high school football season?

Corey Robinson with 91 touchdown passes in 2008. He plays for Troy University.

Which nfl quarterback threw the most touchdown passes since 2008?

Joe flacco

Who has more career touchdowns Matt Cassel or Trent Green?

Trent GreenTrent Green threw 162 touchdown passes in his career, he retired following the 2008 season. Currently, Matt Cassell has thrown 74 touchdown passes.

How many touchdowns did Tom Brady throw in 2008?

Tom Brady did not complete any touch down passes in 2008. He was injured 8 minutes into the first game of the season, when he was hit by KC Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Brady tore the ACL and MCL of his left leg as the result of the hit, and was placed in the Injured Reserve List, and did not play for the rest of the season.

How many touchdown passes did LaDainian Tomlinson threw?

As of the 2008 season, LaDainian Tomlinson has completed 8 of 11 passes for 143 yards and 7 TDs in his career.

How many yards did Tom Brady throw in 2008?

76, he was knocked out for the entire season in Week 1

When was Torneio Touchdown created?

Torneio Touchdown was created in 2008.

How many completed passes does Tom Brady have in the NFL?

Through the 2008 season, Tom Brady has regular season statistics of 2,301 completed passes in 3,653 attempts for 26,446 yards, 197 TDs, and 86 INTs.

When was Cheryl Brady created?

Cheryl Brady was created in 2008.

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