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Christiano Ronaldo never played for Spurs.

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25 - 6 in qualifying, 18 in the group stage and 1 in the knockout rounds so far.

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they have scored 9 goals this season

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19 according to their playoffs

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Q: How many tottenham goalkeepers have scored?
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What 3 premiership goalkeepers have scored a goal?

brad friedel, blackburn rovers. peter schmeichel, Manchester united. paul Robinson, tottenham hotspur.

How many goals are scored by goalkeepers till now?

There have been 3 goalkeepers to score a goal in the E.P.L they are Brett Friddel.and peter schmichael.

Who plays in goal for Tottenham Hotspur in the 2013-14 season?

During the 2013-14 season, the goalkeepers for Tottenham Hotspur are:Heurelho GomesBrad FriedelHugo Lloris

What goalkeepers that scored the most goals?

Rogerio Ceni has scored 83 goals for San paulo.

What was the goalkeepers name to have scored the quickest goal?

Alexander Mogilny

How many goals did Gareth Bale score for Tottenham Hotspur?

Gareth Bale scored 55 goals in 203 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur.

How many goals as robin van persie scored against tottenham hotspur?


Who scored for tottenham today?

jermaine defoe

Who has scored the least goals in soccer history?

Probably most goalkeepers.

Who scored the quickest premiership goal?

ledley king of tottenham hotspur scored after 10 seconds.

Who scored in the finals of the 2010 World Cup whilst playing for Tottenham Hotspur?

Jermain Defoe scored at the 2010 World Cup for England, whilst he was playing at Tottenham Hotspur.

Who scored tottenham hotspurs quickest hatrick?

Gareth bale