How many tottenham fans?

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Tottenham hotspur football club has a world wide fan base of about 20 million

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Q: How many tottenham fans?
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How many fans does tottenham hotspur have worldwide?

about 20 million

There are 50000 people at a football match between Manchester United and Tottenham if 60 percent of the spectators are Manchester United supporters how many people at the match support Tottenham?

30,000 Tottenham fans, 20,000 Glory hunters... I mean United fans.

Who has more fans Tottenham Hotspur or Chelsea?


Why do tottenham fans call them coys?

they dont you noob

Who is the main rival of Tottenham?

The main rival of Tottenham is considered to be their North London neighbours Arsenal, but some fans consider Chelsea to be fierce rivals as well.

Which team won the FA cup in 1991?

Tottenham HotspurThe mighty Tottenham Hotspur FC

The Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic holds the record this seaon?

When Tottenham played Wigan at White Hart Lane in the 2009/2010 season, Tottenham won 9-1. The Wigan players then refunded their travelling fans.

Where do the Tottenham fans sit at White Hart Lane?

Tottenham Hotspur fans are located in all four stands at White Hart Lane.North Stand ( Paxton Road ) - Upper and Lower.East Stand ( Worcester Avenue ) - Upper and Lower.Part of the South Stand ( Park Lane ) - Upper and Lower.West Stand - Upper and Lower.Away fans are located in the Upper and Lower section of the South Stand ( Park Lane ). Although, sometimes only the top tier is allocated to away fans depending on Ticket Sales, with the remainding tickets going on sale to Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Who has more fans Tottenham or Aston Villa?

i am pretty sure it is ASTON VILLAI AM PRETTY SURE IT IS ASTON VILLATotttenham, they also have the loudest fans in the premier leauge!

Which football team has the best fans?

The most loyal fans I have seen have got to be Tottenham Hotspur's or Portsmouth because each team has been through a lot and everyone has backed them.

Examples of racism in football?

'Yid' (A racist word used for Jews) is often a term to describe Tottenham and Ajax fans.

Who did Tottenham Hotspur play on April 28th 1973?

Tottenham Hotspur played Newcastle United on April 28th, 1973. The match was played at White Hart Lane, in front of a crowd of 21,721 fans. Tottenham ran out winners, 3 - 2, with goals from ; two from Martin Chivers and one from Martin Peters.

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