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The Nascar Nationwide Series runs a total of 35 races in a season.

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Q: How many total races are there in the Nascar Nationwide Series?
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How many Nascar Nationwide Series races has Danica Patrick crashed in?

Through 2013, Danica Patrick has crashed in 11Nationwide Series races. She has a total of 60 career starts.

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's win total in the NSCS and the NNS?

Dale Jr. has won 18 Nascar Sprint Cup races and 23Nascar Nationwide Series races.

How many races per year does Nascar race?

These are the top three series in Nascar and the total amount of races they run per year:Sprint Cup - 36 racesNationwide - 33 racesCamping World Truck - 22 races

How many years did Dale Earnhardt Sr drive in the Busch Series?

Dale Sr. drove a total of 136 races over 13 years in the Nascar Busch Series. It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

How many races did Dale Earnhardt Sr. win at Daytona International Speedway?

Dale Sr. won a total of 34 races at Daytona International Speedway. Dale had wins in the Nascar Cup & Nationwide Series (formerly Busch Series), Budweiser Shootouts, Gatorade Duels and IROC races.

How many wins does Kyle Busch have at Bristol Motor Speedway?

Kyle Busch won a total of 16 times at Bristol Motor Speedway. He won five races in the Nascar Cup Series, seven in the Nationwide Series and four times in the Truck Series.

How many miles did Kyle Busch drive in all of his Nascar races in 2010?

In 2010, Kyle Busch drove in three Nascar Series for a total of 24,376.7 miles.Sprint Cup - 14,179.8Nationwide - 7,165.6Camping World Truck Series - 3,031.3

How many races did Richard Petty win all together?

Richard Petty won a total of 200 Nascar Cup Series races during his career.

What is the Sprint Cup Series?

The Sprint Cup Series is the top series in Nascar. There is a total of 36 points races throughout the season, with the last ten being the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

How many first place finishes in Nascar racing does Kyle Busch hold?

In Nascar's top three series combined, Kyle Busch won a total of 113 races.Cup - 26Nationwide - 56Truck - 31

How many Sprint Cup races has Kyle Petty lost?

There is no win-loss record in NASCAR. However, Kyle Petty competed in 829 Cup Series races during his career, winning a total of 8.

How many pit crew members are allowed over the wall in a Nascar Cup and Nationwide Series race?

The answer is 7 pit crew members total are allowed over the wall.

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's total NASCAR race winnings?

As of October 7, 2012, Dale Jr. has earned $73,481,415 in the Nascar Cup Series and $4,986,235 in the Nationwide Series.Dale Jr. will race again on October 28, 2012.

Who has the most wins as a NASCAR owner?

Rick Hendrick who owns Hendrick Motorsports. Richard Petty has the most wins as an owner with 268, followed by Hendrick. Petty has the most CUP wins. Roush has the most combined NASCAR wins in the 3 national series, 4th all time in Cup wins with 127 but with 126 Nationwide series wins and 50 Truck series wins for a total of 303 total NASCAR wins.

How many races are in the 2011 IndyCar Series?

In 2011, there will be a total of 18 races in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

How many road courses are there in NASCAR?

There are a total of four road courses in Nascar.Infineon Raceway - (Sprint Cup Series)Watkins Glen International - (Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series)Road America - (Nationwide Series)Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - (Nationwide Series)

Did Tony Stewart win 200 races overall in every race he has ever raced in?

No, he has not. In every different type of race Tony Stewart competed in, he won a total of 82 races.Through 2013:Nascar Cup Series (48)Nascar Nationwide Series (11)IROC Series (4)IndyCar Series (3)Daytona Qualifying races (3)Budweiser Shootout (3)Prelude to the Dream (3)Nascar Truck Series (2)ARCA Series (1)Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown (1)Winston Open (1)No Bull 25 Race (1)Sprint All-Star Challenge (1)

How many cup races did a Buick car win?

Buick had a total of 65 NASCAR wins since 1949.

What are the total winnings for Kyle Busch in the Nascar Cup Series?

Through the 2013 season, Kyle Busch has earned $61,444,283 in the Nascar Cup Series.

What are the total career earnings for Kevin Harvick in the Nascar Cup Series?

Through the 2013 season, Kevin Harvick earned $87,245,211 in the Nascar Cup Series.

What are the total career earnings for Robby Gordon in the Nascar Cup Series?

Through the 2012 season, Robby Gordon has earned $36,225,236. in the Nascar Cup Series.

What race track does Kasey Kahne have the most wins?

Kasey Kahne won at Charlotte Motor Speedway the most in his Nascar racing career. He has five total wins at Charlotte, four in the Cup Series and one in the Nationwide Series.

Who has the most Nascar Sprint Cup Series wins?

Richard Petty with a total of 200* wins.

How many NASCAR tracks are their around the world?

In Nascar's top three series, there is a total of 28 race tracks, located throughout the United States and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How much gas do you waste with NASCAR?

According to NASCAR, about 6,000 U.S. gallons (~22,700 litres) of fuel are consumed during a typical Sprint Cup weekend. For the 2006 season, which included 36 points races, the total for the season would have been 216,000 U.S. gallons (818,000 litres). One environmental critic recently estimated NASCAR's total fuel consumption across all series at 2 million U.S. gallons (7.57 million liters) of gas for one season.

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