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At the 2010 winter Olympic games, Canada won a total of 26 medals.

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Q: How many total medals won by Canada?
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How many silver medals has Canada won?

Canada has won a total of 80 silver medals in the summer Olympics (not incuding 2004 Olympics +)

How many medals did Canada won in the 2012 Olympics?

Canada sent a total of 277 athletes to the Games to compete in 24 sports and won a total of 18 medals

How many gold medals did Canada win at the Torino Winter Olympics?

Canada won 24 medals total, 7 were gold.

How many medals has Canada won in the Olympics?

* 51 Gold Medals * 80 Silver Medals * 109 Bronze Medals Total= 240 Medals (Not counting medals won at Athens in 2004)

How many medals did Canada win in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Canada had won 26 medals total in the Olympics and 14 of them were gold! That is a world record for most gold medals won in one season.

How many exactly was the amount of medals that Canada won in the 2012 London Summer Olympics?

Canada won a Gold Medal, 5 Silver Medals, and 12 Bronze Medals for a total of 18 Medals for the 277 athletes represented by the Canadian Olympic Committee and were 13th in total medals for a country

How many Olympic ice hockey medals has Canada won?

canada has won7 gold10 silver7 bronze24 total

How many Olympic medals has Canada won in 2012?

Until today (5th August), Canada has won a total of 10 medals. 1 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze.

In total how many olympic medals has Canada won in the 2006torino olympic games?

Canada won 24 medals at the 2006 Winter Olympics: 7 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze.

How many medals has Canada won?

405 medals from 1896-2010

How many bronze medals has Canada won?

145 bronze medals

How many medals do Canada have won?

Canada has won 15 medals come on Canada we need to win this united states is i think winning!!eeekkkkk

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