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Q: How many total games will be played in the 2009 MLB season?
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What was the number of games played by the New York Yankees in 2009?

The Yankees played a total of 162 games in the 2009 regular season. Their record was 103-59. They also played 15 postseason games, going 11-4. The Yankees finished the 2009 season as World Series Champions.

How many games did martin brodeur play?

Martin Brodeur played 31 games in the 2008-2009 season. This brings his regular season total up to 999.

How many games has Kobe played in his career?

Entering the 2008-2009 Kobe Byrant has played a total of 868 games including 2 games this season. He has started 720 of those games.

How many home games do the Cleveland Indians play 2009?

In the regular season, not in the off season, the Indians play 81 total home games.

How often does an NFL game go over 58 in total points?

In the NFL regular season between 2007-2009, 768 games were played and 96 of those games had a total score of more than 58 points for a percentage of 12.5%.

Number of game in a NBA season?

games (plural). The Los Angeles Lakers finished the 2008-2009 season with the best record in the west at 65-17. That means they played a total of 82 regular season games. I cannot be certain that is the exact amount of games... but I am very confident its that number, or in the lower to mid 80's.

Total premier league games 2008-2009 season?

Should be 380, all going well...

What is the longest hitting streak in major league baseball this season?

For the 2009 season, through games played on May 2 that is 21 games by Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals.

How many games has Roger Federer won?

As of Wimbledon 2009, he has won 11568 games in his career (57.9% of the total games played). He has won 623 matches in the same period (80.6% of the total matches played).

How many times did the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies play in 2009?

The two teams played a total of 9 games during the 2009 season. The Phillies won 2 out of 3 at Yankee Stadium in May and the Yankees defeated the Phillies 4 games to 2 in the World Series.

Has ichiro suzuki ever played DH?

Yes.Through the 2009 season, Ichiro has played 25 career games at DH. In the 2009 season, he was DH in 1 game, the July 8 game against the Baltimore Orioles played in Seattle.

How many errors does Kevin youkilis have so far in the 2009 season?

Through games played on June 3, 2009 Youkilis has played 36 games at first base and has 1 error. His fielding pct. is .996. He has played 4 games at third base without committing an error.

How many wins does randy have as of 2009?

Randy Johnson started the 2009 season with 295 wins. Through the games played on May 25 he has 3 wins in the 2009 season leaving him two away from the magical 300 number.

How many sellouts did the Phillies have in 2009?

69 out of 81 home games in the regular season were sellouts. Also, all of their home playoff games were sellouts. Total: 77 games.

What stadium does the cowboys playin?

Since the 2009 season, Dallas has played its games in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

How many games did the New yorks Yankee play last season?

162 GamesThe New York Yankees played 162 games during the 2009 regular season The team won 103 games, and lost 59.

How many homes games have the Pittsburgh Steelers had at Heinz Field?

Through the 2009 season, the Steelers have played 72games at Heinz Field during the regular season and 8 games in the postseason.

How many interceptions does Jake Delhomme have in 2009?

Through 11 games of the 2009 season, Jake has thrown 18 INTs along with 8 TDs.Prior to 2009, the most INTs he threw in a season was 16 in 2003 and 2005. He played in all 16 games in both of those seasons.

Total wins and losses 2009 season?

In the 2009 season the Bears had Seven wins and Nine losses.

Worst NHL team in 2009?

In the 2008-2009 season the New York Islanders finished with a dismal 61 points. The 2009-2010 season has the Carolina Hurricanes at the bottom of the list with 35 points in 48 games played to date.

How many saves does Troy Percival have?

Through games played on May 13, 2009 Troy Percival has 5 saves in the 2009 season and 357 saves for his career.

How many games have the Colts lost in 2009?

The Indianapolis Colts have loss 3 preseason games and 1 regular season game. So, in total it's 4 losses. But the preseason record has no standing in the regular season record.

How many games did the New York Yankees play in 2009?

The New York Yankees played 162 regular season games, winning 103, and losing 59.

Why haven't the Indianapolis Colts played a regular season game in New England. It seems like a long time and how is it fair that it's always in Indy?

The 2010 regular season will be the eighth consecutive regular season that the two teams have played. For those eight games, 4 were played in New England and 4 in Indy. The games in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2010 were played in New England and the games in 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2009 were played in Indianapolis.

How many regular season games did the New York Yankees win in 2009?

The 2009 New York Yankees won 103 Regular season games.