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Q: How many total games are played in an NBA regular season by all 30 teams?
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How many total games are played by all nfl teams during the regular season?

16 games in the regular season

How many games are played in NHL?

Each team plays 82 regular season games (not including playoffs). Counting all teams 1,230 games are played during the regular season.

What is the total number of NBA games in a single regular season?

Currently, each team plays 16 regular season games. There are 256 NFL games in the season

How many regular season games are played for high school football teams?


Have the New York Giants played the New York Jets in a regular season game?

Yes. The two teams have played 11 regular season games to date.

How many games played in NHL by all teams in one season?

Lets see, 30 teams play 41 home games so that is 1230 regular season games plus playoff games.

How many games are in the baseball season?

The 1915 season was officially 154 games long. However, several teams played less than that due to rainouts, cancellations, etc. It was more difficult to make up games in 1915 so a few were just cancelled.

How many games are played in NHL season?

Each team plays eighty two (82) regular season games, for a total of 2,460 games combined. (playoff games NOT included) EACH NHL TEAM PLAYS 80 GAMES IN A SEASON AND THEY PLAY A TOTAL OF 2400 GAMES COMBINED.

How many basketball games are played in a full season of the NBA?

In an NBA regular season, 82 games are played. Playoff games add to 16 teams season, so the most games a team could possibly have in a season including playoffs would be 110 games.

What is the total number of MLB games during the regular season?

Each team plays 162 games per season. There are 30 teams, and each game has two teams, so the total number of games played by all teams is 162 x 15 = 2,430.

How many major league baseball games were played in 1934?

The regular season was 154 games in 1934. A maximum total of 1232 games would have been played by all teams combined that year.

What NFL teams have won 600 games?

Three teams in the NFL have won 600 or more games thru week 6 of the 2013 NFL season. The teams are: The Chicago Bears, 726 regular season wins The Green Bay Packers, 693 regular season wins The New York Giants, 654 regular season wins