How many titles have Brett Favre won?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Q: How many titles have Brett Favre won?
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How mant NFC titles does Brett Favre have?

He has competed in 2 superbowls but only won on

How many NFC championships has Brett favre won?


How many Super Bowls have Brett Favre and Tom Brady won?

Favre has 1 and Brady has 3.

How many times did Brett Favre play in the Super Bowl?

Two but he has only won one.

Has Brett Favre won against Dallas?

Brett Farve has never won in Dallas, despite his lengthy NFL career!

How many times has Brett Favre played the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas?

Nine times and he has never won there.

How many rings does Brett Favre have?

1, he has played in 2 super bowls but has only won once.

Who won the Sportsman of the Year Award in 2007?

Brett Favre did of course!

Has Jack Lambert won more Super Bowls than Brett Favre?

Yes, he has. Jack Lambert is a four time Super Bowl champion. Brett Favre won the Super Bowl once.

How many games has Brett Favre won in the NFL?

regular season - 169 wins playoffs - 12 wins

What QB won the first Super Bowl uperbowl for the Packers?

Brett Favre

What teams has Brett Favre not won against yet?

Green Bay Packers