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Robert Horry won two with the Rockets and two with the Spurs and three with the Lakers.

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Q: How many titles does basketball player Robert Horry have?
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Which current NBA player has won 6 NBA titles?

Robert Horry.

How many titles do Robert Horry have with the lakers?

Robert Horry won three titles with the Lakers during the 2000, 2001, and 2002 seasons.

Who won nba titles with spurs rockets and lakers?

Robert horry

Who are some famous basketball players who wore number 25?

Robert Horry

What is the occupation of Robert Horry?

The occupation of Robert Horry is as a basketball commentator. He had previously played in the NBA for 16 years with teams including the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.

What two players from the NBA have back to back titles with two different teams?

robert horry

How much money does Robert horry earn?

Robert Horry has a net worth of over $20 million dollars. Robert Horry is a retired NBA player, having played for the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs.

How many rings does Robert Horry have?

Robert Horry has seven rings, more than any other player who has never played for the Boston Celtics. A

Robert horry has how many rings?

Robert Horry has seven Championship rings.

When was Robert Horry born?

Robert Horry was born on August 25, 1970.

Who are the only two players who won team titles with three different teams?

Robert Horry and someone else

What NBA player has the most NBA playoff appearances?

Robert Horry

What famous basketball players wore number 25?

Robert Horry is one. He played for the Houston Rockets.

What NBA player has the most rings on different teams?

Robert Horry and your face

How old is Robert Horry?

Robert Horry is 41 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1970).

What teams did Robert horry win rings with?

Robert Horry won two with the Rockets, two with the Spurs, and three with the Lakers.

What NBA player has the most NBA playoff wins?

I believe it is Robert Horry. Robert Horry also has won the most NBA championships besides the 'Bill Russell' led celtics team.

What active player has played in the most NBA playoff games?

Robert Horry with 244 games.

When did Robert Horry gain his nickname big shot bob?

Robert Horry was given the nickname Big Shot Bob because of his ability to make important shots under extreme pressure. For this reason he is considered one of the greatest clutch basketball players in history.

Is Robert Horry on an NBA roster?


Which Athletes have 4 rings?

Yogi berra had 10 with the Yankees. Bill Russell had 11 with the Celtics. Currently, basketball player Robert Horry has 7, 2 with the Rockets, 3 with the Lakers, 2 with the Spurs.

What team did Robert Orie win basketball championship rings?

Robert Horry has 2 rings with the Houston Rockets, 3 with the Los Angeles Lakers and 2 with the San Antonio Spurs.

Who is the number 5 from the lakers?

Robert horry

Who has most NBA rings?

Robert horry

Did Robert Horry play for the Chicago Bulls?