How many titles did mick doohan win?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: How many titles did mick doohan win?
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Who was 2003 MotoGP Champion?

Australian mick doohan was moto gp champion in 1996,however it was know then as the 500cc championship,these 500cc were 4 cylinder two strokes with brutal power deliver and good tyre smoking action. mick doohan won the 500cc title for 5 years in a row from 1994-1999 and he retired in 2000 after a nasty qualifing crash in should also be know that mick had a really bad crash in assen in 1992 and as a result he was hours away from losing his leg as they were going to amputate it,so his comeback to win five titles was made even more special.his titles were all won on a Honda.

Which Australian won the grand prix motorcycle five times in his career?

Mick Doohan x5...Wayne Gardener also won it twice and Casey Stoner should win 2011 taking his tally to two championships.

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