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Q: How many times west indies win world cup in cricket?
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How many times West Indies won the world cup cricket?

West Indies won the Cricket World Cup twice. They won in 1975 and 1979.

How many times has West Indies won the ODI Cricket World Cup?

West Indies has won the Cricket World Cup twice in 1975 & 1979.Twice

How many times West Indies won the icc cricket world cup?

West Indies has won 2 ICC cricket world cup: 1975 and 1979, those were the golden years of West Indies Cricket. They were virtually undefeated

Which team has won the world cup titles for many times in cricket and how many times?

It is Australia 7 times , more then the mighty West Indies.

How many times has West Indies played the cricket World Cup final?

15 or 16 i only got to know when my teacher came from the west indies

How many icc world cup did West Indies win?

West Indies won 1975 and 1979 cricket world cups.

How many cricket world cup titles has the West Indies won?


How many runs were scored by West Indies in the final of Cricket World Cup 1983?

West Indies scored only 140 runs in the final of 1983 World Cup.

How many times have the West Indies beaten Pakistan in Test cricket?

As of May 2011, of the 46 occasions in which the West Indies and Pakistan have faced off in Test cricket, the West Indies have won on fifteen occasions, the first happening on the second meeting between the teams.

How many times azharuddin led India team in ICC cricket world cup?

Australia won the tournament for the 6th time, beating the West Indies by 114 runs.

How many times did Australia won cricket world cup?

asutralia won 4 times cricket world cup

How many days did Barbados host the ICC Cricket World Cup?

From March 13 to April 28 West Indies have hosted the ICC cricket world cup in the year of 2007.

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