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Q: How many times were the nets in the finals?
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Which teams played in the NBA finals in 2001?

The lakers and the nets

What two teams were in the 2002 NBA finals?

L.A. Lakers and the New Jersey Nets were in the 2002 NBA Finals.

Can the New Jersey Nets win the NBA Finals?

If they get Carmelo Anthony,they will be awesome. If they don't get Carmelo,then they won't win the Finals.

Did Drazen Petrovic win NBA finals with the NETS?

No. The two seasons Petrovic was with the Nets and they made the playoffs (1991-92 and 1992-93) the Nets were knocked out in the first round.

Who played in the 2002 NBA finals?

The LA Lakers and the New Jersey Nets

Who's playing in the NBA finals?

The LA Lakers and the New Jersey Nets

How many times have Australia got to the finals?

world cup finals 3 times 1974, 2006, 2010

How many times have the Celtics gone to the finals?

about 16 times

How many times did Larry bird go to the finals?

Larry Bird went to the NBA finals 3 times I think.

How many times did the lakers reach the finals in the eighties?

The Lakers went to the NBA Finals seven times in the 1980's.

Who NBA finals 2002?

The Los Angeles Lakers def. New Jersey Nets

Will the nets win the finals?

Yes they are currently playing the miami heat in the second round