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Q: How many times was the winter session disrupted?
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When has congress been in session on the sabbath?

Many times

How many times lok sabha is called its session?

4 times in a year

How many times were the Winter Olympics held in Europe?

5 times

How many times did the US host the winter Olympics?

8 times

How many times has Russia participated in the Winter Olympics?

4 times

How many times is the word winter in the Bible?

The word "winter" is in the King James Version of the Bible 14 times. It is in 13 verses.

How many times has the United States hosted the Winter Olympics?

4 times.

How many times have Slovakia hosted the winter Olympics?

Slovakia has never hosted the Winter Olympics.

Are there many kids on cruise ships during the winter months when school is in session?

Yes, I just passed one the other day and school was tomorrow

How many times does the senate meet?

Every two years They work for the state while the senate is not in session

How many times were the winter Olympics held in Antarctica?


How many times has the winter Olympics been in Africa?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Africa.