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Q: How many times was john elway sacked in a single game?
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Which NFL quarterback was sacked the most in one game?

Since 1970, three QBs have been sacked a record of 12 times in a single game:2007 Week 4 - Donovan McNabb1985 Week 4 - Warren Moon1980 Week 8 - Bert Jones

Who has been sacked the most in 2005?

David Carr of the Houston Texans, was sacked 68 times during the season. He was sacked about 4.5 times a game.

What quarterback has been sacked the most in a single NFL game?


What is the most times Aaron Rogers has been sacked in one game?

Through game 4 of the 2011 season, Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 7 times.

How many times did cam newton get sacked in the Alabama game?

Alot of times. :D

How many times has Michael Vick been sacked in 2012?

Through game 7 of the 2012 season, Michael Vick has been sacked 20 times.

What is John Elway's career high in passing yard in a single game?

432 yards against the Seattle Seahawks on December 20, 1985.

Who has the most game winning drives?

John Elway

Which NFL player holds the record for the most sacks in a season?

David Carr of the Houston Texans was sacked an NFL record 76 times in the 2002 season.

What is the most interceptions John Elway has thrown in a game?


NFL quarterback was sacked most in a single game and still won?

The NFL record for sacks in a game is 12, which has been done three times - in each case the quarterback under centre for the opposing team lost.However at least two quarterbacks have been sacked 11 times in a game and still won (there may be others further back in history, but it is hard to tell because the NFL did not keep sack statistics that far back):Steve Pelluer, Dallas vs. San Diego, Nov. 16, 1986Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia vs. L.A. Raiders, Nov. 30, 1986 (OT)

Oldest nfl quarterback to play in playoff game?

John Elway