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Q: How many times was Lou Gehrig up with the bases loaded before he hit his first grand slam?
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Can the batter be called out on a bases loaded walk if he does not advance to first?

yes- if goes out of the baseline before he touches first base, he is out.

How many times was Derek Jeter up with the bases loaded before he hit his first grand slam?

Derek Jeter had broke a 135 at-bats streak with the bases loaded, when he hit his first and only grand slam on June 18, 2005.

Who played first base before Lou Gehrig and after?

Lou Gehrig took over from Wally Pipp in the 1925 season. Babe Dahlgren took over from Gehrig in the 1939 season.

What happens if with bases loaded with 2 outs the runner from first is caught in a run down instead of forced out do the runs score?

yes as long as the runner(s) touched home before the tag on the person on first

Do the first three runs count if the bases are loaded and the hitter gets thrown out at the plate with two outs?

Yes. Any runs scored before the out (tag or force) are counted. Any runs scored before a pop out do not count.

What year did Lou Gehrig steal his first base?

Lou Gehrig stole his first base on June 24, 1925.

Where did Lou Gehrig play his first game?

Lou Gehrig played his first game at Yankee Stadium, on June 15, 1923.

What position did Lou Gehrig play in soccer?

Lou Gehrig played baseball as a first baseman. Not soccer.

When bases are loaded ball is hit on ground to first baseman who tags runner out then throws home all runners go back to previous bases are runners all safe?

Yes. If the first baseman tags out the batter on his way to first, the three existing runners can return to their original bases; none can be "forced out."

Can a runner run from first base on a sacrifice fly?

He can. But it would only be a sacrifice fly if someone scored on the play. So there would likely be runners on first and third or bases loaded.

What was the first name of the Gehrig who played for the New York Yankees?

(Full name) Henry Louis Gehrig. Also known as Lou.

When did Lou Gehrig play his first game?

Lou Gehrig's Major League debut was on June 15, 1923 as a pinch hitter.