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39 times

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Q: How many times was Gary Teichman Captain of the Springboks?
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Was Gary Neville England's Captain?

Yes Gary Neville was a captain of England once.

Who is captain of Manchester United fc?

the current captain of Man Utd is Nemanja Vidic

Did Gary lineker ever captain England?

Yes Gary Lineker became captain after Bryan Robson got injured in the1990 world cup.

Who did Gary Neville succeed as captain of Manchester united fc?

Gary Neville succeeded Roy Keane as captain of the worlds best club Manchester United.

Who is Manchester uniteds captain in 2010?

Gary Neville

Who is the captain of Manchester United in 2009?

It was Gary Neville

Who is burnley football clubs captain?

Gary Alexander

Who is captain of Manchester United?

Gary Neville or Rio Ferdinand.

How do you get cut on Pokemon Red?

From the captain on the S.S. Anne. You have to fight Gary to get to him.

Who was the captain of manu in 2005?

Roy Keane and later Gary Neville

Who is the present captain of Manchester United?

Gary Neville, England, Defender

Who is the current captain of Manchester united?

Gary Neville - Rio Ferdinand NOW