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The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

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Q: How many times undertaker is WWE champion?
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How many times has the Undertaker held the WWE champen belt?

The Undertaker has been WWE champion 4 times. World Champion 3 times.

How many championships does undertaker have?

WCW Tag Team Champion- 1 time WWE Champion- 4 times WWE Hardcore Champion- 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion- 6 times World Heavyweight Champion- 2 times

How many times has the Undertaker won the WWE championship?

WWF/E Championship (4 times)World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

How many times did undertaker won world heavy weight title?

The Undertaker was a 4-time WWE Champion, 7-time World Heavyweight Champion, 6-time undisputed champion and 4-time cruiser weight champion

How many times did Undertaker win the World heavyweight championship?

The Undertaker is undefeated at wrestlemania with an 19-0 record, which is the single longest undefeated Wrestlemania streak in WWE history. Undertaker is an eight-time world champion: a 4 times WWF/E champion and 3 times world heavyweight champion, and 1 times USWA (unified world heavyweight champion) as master of pain. The Undertaker is also a 1 time WWF hardcore champion and 7 times world tagteam champion.

How many WWE wwf titles undertaker won?

Following are the titles won by the Undertaker in WWE:1 time WCW Tag team champion3 time World Heavyweight champion4 time WWE champion1 time WWE Hardcore champion7 times WWE Tag team champion1 time Royal Rumble winner in 2007

Who is the face of WWE?

the undertaker is he is a7x world heavyweight champion IT'S THE UNDERTAKER He is not the face of the WWE is John Cena he is a 10 times World Campion The Undertaker is the face of SmackDown

Has undertaker been WWE champ?

yes he has been WWE champion

Who is the present heavyweight champion in the WWE?

The Undertaker

Who is stronger undertaker or chris Jericho?

Of course undertaker is stronger. He is 4 times WWE champion and beat more stronger people than Chris jericho

Who awesome undertaker or John Cena?

I would say both are awesome in their own way. Cena is a 10 time WWE champion which is a record for the most number of times someone has held the WWE Title. However, Undertaker too is a multiple time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. I would say, Undertaker is even better. He has been with the WWE for over 2 decades and has an undefeated streak of 19-0 at Wrestlemania.

How many time did the rock became WWE champion?

He has been the WWE/F Champion 7 times and World Heavyweight Champion 2 times.

What are the titles won by undertaker?

the world h. champion The Undertaker has won the WWE Championship belt 4 times and has won the World Heavyweight Championship belt 3 times

How many times has john cena been the WWE champion or heavyweight champion?

12 times, 10 time WWE champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion

Was undertaker ever heavyweight champ?

from the starting of wwe the undertaker has been heavyweight champion.

How many times has John Cena been World Champion in WWE?

John Cena has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice, the United States Champion three times, the WWE Champion 11 times, the WWE Tag Team Champion two times, and the World Tag Team Champion 2 times. Altogether he has been champion a combined 17 times.

What has the Undertaker achieved in WWE?

WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion, undefeated at WrestleMania (15-0)

How many times hitman WWE champion world heavy champion?

28 times

How many times did Randy Orton won WWE champion?

He has became WWE Champion six times, World Heavyweight Champion three times and a one time Royal-Rumble winner.

WWE How many times has tripel h won the WWE chmponchip?

6 time champion 3 time wwe champion,3 time heavyweight champion

How many times did Melina won the WWE diva championship?

Melina has been WWE women's champion 3 times, and divas champion 2 times!

At fatal 4 way who will be WWE and heavyweight champion?


Is UnderTaker going to face CM Punk?

He will sometimes face him only if he is not the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 29. I don't like CM Punk to face him. Undertaker should face John Cena if he is not the WWE Champion.

How many times has rey mysterio been WWE champion?

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

How many times has the miz been WWE champion?

The Miz is a 1 time WWE champion (As of July 2011)