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5 times

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2009-02-03 10:27:44
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Q: How many times raiders been to Super Bowl?
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How many times has the raiders been to Super Bowl?

5 (won 3).

How many times the philadelphia eagels been to the super bowl?

Twice. The Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV and to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Which nfl team has never been in the super bowl?

The raiders

How many times have the buccaneers been to the Super Bowl?

As of the 2008 season, Tampa Bay has played in and won one Super Bowl. The Bucs defeated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21, in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Oakland Raiders Super Bowl rings?

The Raiders have three Super Bowl rings. They have two as the Oakland Raiders having defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI and the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV. They also won Super Bowl XVIII as the Los Angeles Raiders defeating the Washington Redskins. They have been to two other Super Bowls, but lost in Super Bowl II to the Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl XXXVIII to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How many super bowls has rod woodson been in?

3 .... Super Bowl XXX with the Steelers, Super Bowl XXXIV with the Ravens, and Super Bowl XXXVII with the Raiders.

How many times have the Oakland Raiders played in the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLV, the Raiders have been to five Super Bowls: SB II - Green Bay 33, Raiders 14 SB XI - Raiders 32, Minnesota 14 SB XV - Raiders 27, Philadelphia 10 SB XVIII - Raiders 38, Washington 9 SB XXXVII - Tampa Bay 48, Raiders 21

Who won the Super Bowl against the buccaneers?

The Buccaneers have never lost a Super Bowl. They've been in one Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXXVII, and beat the Oakland Raiders 48-21.

How many times has Detroit been to the Super Bowl?

The Lions have never been in a super bowl

How many times have the cow boys been in the Super Bowl?

they have been to the super bowl 8 times, and won 5

Have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers been to the Super Bowl?

Yes, the won Super Bowl XXXVII on 26 January 2002 against the Oakland Raiders.

How many times has redskins been in a Super Bowl?

The Redskins have been to four Super Bowls, winning three of them against the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills and losing to the Oakland Raiders.

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