How many times may a man be ordained?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How many times may a man be ordained?
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Can a deacon in the Catholic Church marry couples?

No. However they can be married prior to becoming ordained a Deacon and stay married. They can have children before or after the ordination as a married Deacon. However, it is my understanding that, once ordained, the deacon must remain celebate.

When was bishop Joseph Devine ordained?

He was ordained priest on 29th June 1960 He was ordained bishop on 31st May 1977

In the Catholic church there are two kinds of deacons- what are they?

The two kinds of deacons (they are not really different "kinds") are transitional and permanent. A transitional deacon is a man who is ordained deacon while on his way to being ordained a priest, a permanent deacon remains a deacon. The later may be married when they are ordained. Neither may marry after ordination.

Do you have to have a title if you are ordained?

No, you do not need to have a title if you are ordained. Some ordained individuals may choose to use titles like Reverend, Pastor, or Rabbi, but it is not a requirement. The title is a personal choice and may vary depending on the religious tradition or organization.

How many times a person can get married in Iran?

A man may marry multiple wives in Iran. A woman may not have more than one husband.

What is a male nun called?

There is no such thing as a male nun. The male equivalent of a nun would be a monk. However, a monk may be ordained into the priesthood while a nun cannot be ordained. The male equivalent of a sister would be a brother, a member of a religious congregation for men who are not ordained.

If you are Roman Catholic can you still be an ordained minister and get married?

I believe you can be an ordained deacon. Under the Roman Rite, you cannot be married and a priest. There may be some exceptions for Episcopal priests who were married and who converted. Also, the Melchite Rite, which accepts Roman authority, might allow a married priesthood. In some of the eastern rites of Catholicism a married man is allowed to become a priest but a priest is not allowed to marry after he has been ordained.

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