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There is no rule in MLB that specifies how many times a catcher may visit the pitcher during a game.

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Q: How many times is the catcher allowed to visit the pitchers mound in a major league baseball game?
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Are Baseball pitchers allowed to be at bat?

In the National Baseball League - the pitcher is not only allowed to bat - he is required to. In the American Baseball League, the pticher does not bat. He was replaced in that capacity many years ago by the "designated hitter".

What is a battery in the Major League Baseball?

A battery is slang for a pitcher and catcher combination. Pitchers need to know their catchers very well, so a battery is more than just a statistical term.

How many pitchers in a baseball team?

Generally there are 12 pitchers on the 40 man roster for a major league team.

What National League team was accused of altering the size of the catcher's box to give their pitchers an advantage in 2000?

It was the Atlanta Braves.

What was the first major league baseball team to transport pitchers from the bullpen?


In 2009 who were the best little league baseball pitchers?

J.Sheffield, J.Dougherty, G.Grow

Best little league baseball team?

Chula Vista Little league, outstanding hitters and tough pitchers

What Do You Know About Player Abilities On ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5?

Please Include How The Strikeouts Rating For Hitters & The Walks Allowed Rating For Pitchers Are Affected In ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5 When They Are Set To All The Way Up & When They Are Set To All The Way Down.

How far do major league baseball pitchers pitch from?

60 feet, 6 inches

Who are the relief pitchers in major league baseball with a perfect save season?

Brad Lidge

What is the distance from the home plate to the pitchers mound in youth league baseball?

typically 45 feet

How many starting pitchers are on a major league baseball team?

Five pitchers are used in a starting rotation for baseball teams. Sometimes in the post-season teams will use a rotation consisting of their best three or four pitchers only, to maximize their chances of winning a series.