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depends how many players are in each team. It has to be equal, 9 to 15 players. Each team gets 21 balls.

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Q: How many times is a rounders player allowed to hit the ball?
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Can you be out on a no ball in rounders?

No. Despite being allowed to run on a no-ball, in NRA rounders you cannot be out. However, in GAA rounders if a no-ball is hit it is considered a good ball and you can then be outed.

What changed rounders into baseball?

A rounders player named Alexander J. Cartwright said that instead of throwing the ball at a player to get him out, they should tag the player instead.

What equipment is used in rounders?

In rounders you have a rounders bat, a ball, and four stumps made into a dimond.

When you are out in rounders?

You are out in rounders when either you get stumped or someone catches you out when you hit the ball.

Where did rounders originate?

Rounders is a bat and ball game that originated in the British Isles and dates back to Tudor times. This game is similar in some respects to softball.

In rounders how can get an opposing player out?

That's easy!when the opposing player hits the ball, catch it and he/she's out!Or, if you miss the ball, throw it to the post he/she's running to and stump it!

What does the batter do in Rounders?

Hits the ball.

How big is a rounders ball?


What is the size of a rounders ball?

the ball has to be hard with red stichers

What equipment is needed for rounders?

2 teams, at least 10 rounders bats, ball and a few talented rounders players

What is the regulation for a rounders ball?


What is a rounders ball made out of?

soft plastic?

How do you hit the ball in rounders?

You Don't.Abuse is wrong, what has that ball ever done to you?

What sanctions can be given for rounders?

the sanction that is given for the rounders is that give that team chances to ball again

What rules have changed in rounders?

Rounders is played between two teams. The rules that have changed in rounders is that you have to dodge your ball and than beat them with the bat.

In rounders if a player hits the ball behind accidentally what must they do next?

They must run to first base and wait for the ball to return over the line. Accident or not! :(

What does a fielder do in rounders?

Field and get the ball

What are some tactics for rounders?

Hit the ball with the racket

In rounders what happens if you step out of the batting box on a no ball are you out?


Want are the techiques for bowling in rounders?

throw the ball :)

How do you bat in rounders?

well you simply hit the ball :)

What you s the tactic in rounders?

you hit the ball izenit

What type of bowl do you use in rounders?

any ball

How do you prevent rounders being scored?

By stopping the ball

What are the faults in rounders?

Standing in the way of a running player as a fielder. This is also knows as obstruction.