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konnichiwas boku no name was niku desu Jake sutinks

It was 7798546213000.1

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6,996 runs in International Cricket

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three times

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Q: How many times in his career was Don Bradman out stumped?
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How many tests did Don Bradman played?

don bradman played over 100 test games in his career

How many sixes did bradman hit in tests?

Don Bradman hit only 6 sixes in his whole international career.

How many times did Donald Bradman go out?


How many times can you be out from a wide?

2 ( stumped out & hit wicket )

How many times did sir don bradman score a duck?


In Donald Bradman's career how many runs did he score?

During Donald Bradman's career, he made a total of 211 centuries, played 80 tests for Australia and made 6996 test runs. It is unknown how many other runs he made prior to test cricket, and in informal matches.

How many times did don bradman captain australia?

Australian batsman Don Bradman captained Australia on 24 occasions in Test matches, scoring a second-ball duck in his second innings as captain.

How many runs did Don Bradman get?

Bradman scored 6996 runs in total in test cricket.

How many fours did sir don bradman hit?

Donald bradman scored 416 fours

Don Bradman how many sisters and brothers did he have?

Don Bradman had two sisters and one brother.

How many tests did Australia win when Bradman was captain?

When Bradman was captain, Australia won 15 test matches.

How many runs did don bradman score in ashes matches against England?

How many runs did Don Bradman score in Ashes matches against England