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Three times - to the Oilers in 1978, the Ravens in 2009, to the NY Jets in 2010.

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Q: How many times have the patriots lost during the playoffs at home?
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Who has the longest current home winning streak in the NFL?

New England Patriots---The patriots lost their last game in the playoffs

How many times have the New England Patriots lost at home?


What NBA team has the most home wins in a season including playoffs?

The 1996 Chicago bulls won a total of 49 games at home including an undefeated run during the playoffs.

How many home and away games have the Patriots won against other teams?

387 all-time regular season, 17 all-time in playoffs.

What advantages did the patriots have during the revolutionary war?

- Advantage of fighting at home; - Popular support.

When was the last time the patriots lost at home during the regular season?

As of the 2011 season: The New England Patriots lost during Week 9 to the New York Giants on November 6th, 2011. This was the Patriots first loss at home during the regular season in almost three years. The last time the Patriots lost at home during the regular season was against the Pittsburgh Steelers during week 13 back in 2008. Eli led the Giants to victory after he quarterbacked two go-ahead touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to give the Giants the win and the Patriots their loss.

Why does Pittsburgh wear white during hockey playoffs?

Because it is a away game they're not playing in their home arena.

Where is the home town of the New England Patriots?

Boston is the home of the New England Patriots!

What state do the new England patriots call home?

The Patriots play their home games in Massachusetts.

What color is the home jersey for the New England Patriots?

the patriots home jersey color is blue

How many home runs did Bernie Williams hit in his playoff career?

Bernie Williams hit 22 home runs during the playoffs 1995-2006

What state in New England is home to the NFL Patriots?

Massachusetts is the home state of the New England Patriots.

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