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The Chicago White Sox won three World Series Championships in five appearances. The White Sox won in 1906, 1917, and 2005. They lost in 1919, and 1959. Their 1919 World Series loss to the Cincinnati Reds resulted in several White Sox players being banned from the Major League Baseball for life. following accusations of throwing the World Series. The 1919 team is known as the "Black Sox"

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Q: How many times have the White Sox won a pennant?
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Why did the 1920 Chicago White Sox not win the pennant?

The Yankees were better.

1919 winner of the American league Pennant in baseball?

Chicago White Sox.

When did the Chicago White Sox when the penent?

2005 they won the pennant and then the world series

The 1919 winner of the american league pennant in baseball?

The 1919 winner of the American League pennant in baseball was the Chicago White Sox. However, it is important to note that the 1919 World Series in which they were a participant became infamous for the "Black Sox Scandal," as several players on the team were accused of conspiring to intentionally lose games.

How many times have the White Sox won a championship?

The Chicago White Sox have was 3 World Championships, 6 Pennants, and have had 9 Playoff appearances.

Is obama a cubs fan or a sox fan?

White Sox. He has stated that several times and has thrown out the first pitch for them several times. After the white sox won the world series in 05 he addressed the Senate about the white sox.

How many times have the White Sox hit a home run?

The Chicago White sox hit 9,811 home runs in the teams history from 1901 -2009

How many times have the Chicago White Sox swept the New York Yankees in their history?


1915 winner of the American League pennant in Baseball?

Boston Red Sox

Which came first the White Sox or Red Sox?

The Chicago White Sox came first. (please read on)The American League, (as an official part of Major League Baseball) was founded in 1901.Two of the American League's original eight teams were The Chicago White Stockings and the Boston Americans.The White Stockings won the very first A.L. pennant in 1901 and Chicago Tribune sports writers immediately shortened the name to 'White Sox' in the papers. The organization officially changed its name from White Stockings to White Sox for the 1904 season.The Boston Americans didn't become The Red Sox until 1908. Therefore, the name White Sox came into existence at least four years BEFORE the name- Red Sox did.

How many White Sox players were banned from baseball?

8 White Sox players were banned from baseball.

How many wins did the White Sox have in 2007?

The White Sox record in the 2007 season was 72-90.