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They have played 37 times all time. The Patriots have won 21 times the Titans have won 15 times and there has been 1 tie

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Q: How many times have the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots played against each other?
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Will Tennessee Titans beat New England Patriots?

The Titans lost 59-0 to the Patriots.

What hotel do the New England Patriots stay at when playing the Tennessee Titans?

The Patriots do not release their travel arrangements to the general public.

What is the highest score that the New England Patriots have had in nfl history?

59, scored twice - against the Tennessee Titans in 2009 and the Indianapolis Colts in 2012.

What are the release dates for NFL Game of the Week - 1965 Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots 23-5?

NFL Game of the Week - 1965 Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots 23-5 was released on: USA: 8 October 2003

Who are the brothers playing for the New England Patriots?

There aren't brothers playing for the Patriots. There is Devin McCourty who plays for the Patriots and his twin brother Jason who plays for the Tennessee Titans.

Who did randy moss play for?

He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans

What are the release dates for NFL Monday Night Football - 1970 New England Patriots vs- Tennessee Titans 33-15?

NFL Monday Night Football - 1970 New England Patriots vs- Tennessee Titans 33-15 was released on: USA: 16 December 2002

What was the highest score in NFL game at half time?

New England Patriots. 2009 45-0 vs Tennessee Titans.

What Is the Patriots coldest game on record?

The New England Patriots are no strangers to cold weather as they call Foxbourgh, Massachusetts home. The coldest game the team has played in so far was the 2003 Divisional Playoff game against the Tennessee Titans.

Who did the Patriots beat in the coldest game on record in team history?

Tennessee Titans

NFL New England highest score ever?

59, as of 10/18/2009 against the Tennessee Titans.

What NFL teams did randy moss play for?

Patriots, Vikings, and the TENNESSEE TITANS BAYBBEE!

What is the worst defeat by the Tennessee Titans?

59-0 to the patriots on october 18th 2009

What NFL team name is not a city?

New England Patriots Carolina Panthers Tennessee Titans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings

What team scored the Most touchdowns in 1 quarter?

On October 18, 2009, Tom Brady threw a record 5 touchdowns in the second quarter for the New England Patriots in their 59-0 win against the Tennessee Titans.

Who beat the Indianapolis Colts during 2007?

The New England Patriots, the San Diego Chargers, and the Tennessee Titans in the regular season, while the Chargers defeated them in the playoffs.

Who was the coach of the New England Patriots in super bowl XXXIV?

The Patriots did not play in Super Bowl XXXIV. That was the Rams and Titans. The PAtriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI, against the Rams, Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers, and Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles. Bill Belichick was coach for all of these.

What state is Tennessee Titans located?

Tennessee - hence the name Tennessee Titans.

Where are the Tennessee Titans from?

The Tennessee Titans moved to Tennessee from Houston, Texas in 1997.

Who scored the highest amount of points in a NFL game?

In 2009 the Patriots beat Tennessee Titans 57-0

When was Tennessee Titans created?

Tennessee Titans was created in 1959.

What is the song just played when the patriots scored against the tenn titans?

The Patriots touchdown celebration song is "This is our House" by Bon Jovi.

How many times have the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins played against each other?

11 times - the Titans have a 6-5 record against the Redskins.

What NFL team had the highest losing score in a single game?

in 2009 the Tennessee Titans lost to the New England Patriots 0-59 i believe that is the most points a team has ever lost by in the NFL.

How many nfl players have been with 3 or more teams within the same year?

Randy Moss was a member of the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans during the 2010 season.