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England have scored 10 or more goals in a single match on 5 occasions. They've scored 13 goals in a single match twice, 11 goals once and 10 goals twice.

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Q: How many times have the England national football team scored ten or more goals in one match?
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What footballer scored 49 goals for England?

The record goalscorer for the England national football team, Bobby Charlton, scored 49 goals between his 1958 debut and his final appearance in 1970.

Who scored 100 goals for England with surname beginning with H?

Nobody has scored 100 goals for the English National Football Team. Bobby Charlton stills hold the record with 49 goals.

What football team has scored the most goals at the new wembley?


How many goal has david beckham scored in his career?

David Beckham has scored 97 goals during his career. The most goals he scored for one team is 62 goals for Manchester United. He also scored an additional 17 goals for England's national team.

Who scored the most goals for the England national team?

Sir Bobby Charlton at 49 goals

Which midfield player scored most football goals for England?

It could be David Beckham.

Who scored the most goals for the German national football team during his career?

Franz beckenbauer

Who scored the most goals in the England team?

Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals for England.

How many goals has steven gerrad scored for England?

steven gerrad had scored 65 goals for England

What are the highlights of Bobby Zamoras football career?

Bobby Zamoras has many football highlights in his career. Bobby Zamoras scored 143 goals in his football, or soccer, career for seven different clubs. Zamoras has also played for the England national team.

Who scored highest number of goals in 1966 football world cup final match?

Geoff Hurst (England).

What footballers have scored 30 goals for England?

I think Michel Owen has scored 3o, thirty goals for England.