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Through the 2016 season, the Dallas Cowboys' all-time regular-season record is 493-367-6. The team's playoff record is 34-27.

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Q: How many times have the Dallas Cowboys won a football game?
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When did the Dallas Cowboys start playing?

The Dallas Cowboys played their first Football Game in 1960.

Who won the football game between Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday night?

The Dallas Cowboys won 34-14.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys play their first football game?


What team had the most total offense in a NFL football game?

dallas cowboys

When was Dallas Cowboys first monday night football game?

The first appearance of the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football was on November 16, 1970, the ninth broadcast, played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The Cowboys lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 38-0.

What is the average attendance for a Dallas Cowboys football game?

For 2012, the average attendance was 88,531

How does Dallas celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dallas, at least pro football fans and the Dallas Cowboys, celebrate Thanksgiving with football. The Cowboys host a home game every Thanksgiving. And those who are not Dallas Cowboys fans, if there are any in Dallas, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as the rest of the country, by getting together with family for a big turkey dinner.

On what TV channel can you watch the Dallas Cowboys game?

For Sunday afternoon games, the visiting team determines the network. Since the Buffalo Bills are in the American Football Conference, their game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium is on CBS.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys play against in their first football game?

On September 24, 1960, the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cotton Bowl, 35-28.

Who won today's cowboys football game?

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 14-13, at Lincoln Financial Field.

When was the first Dallas Cowboys' football game?

The Cowboys first regular season game was played September 24, 1960 against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The Steelers won 35-28.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys play their first football game ever?

The Cowboys first game in the NFL was played September 24, 1960 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cowboys lost that game 35-28.