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exactly 168

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Q: How many times have the Bears beat the lions?
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How many times have lions beaten the bears?


How many times did the Lions beat the Falcons?

7 times

How many times have the bears beat the colts?


How many times have the Atlanta Falcons beat the bears?


How many times have the lions beat the packers?

65 times. The Lions' current record against the Packers is 65-93-7.

How many times have the colts beat the bears since 1983?


How many times did the bears beat the packers last season?

none packers rock bears suck

The ratio of lions to tigers was 3 to 2 and the ratio of tigers to bears was 3 to 4 if there were 18 lions how many bears were there?

Lions : Tigers = 3 : 2 so 18 Lions => 12 Tigers. Tigers : Bears = 3 : 4 so 12 Tigers => 16 Bears.

How many times did the lions beat the redskins?

They just beat the skins today =]!! Sunday, September 27, 2009. So theres 1 right there! Idk the rest

How many times have the vikings beat the bears?

The Vikings' all-time record against the Bears entering 2011 is 52 wins, 45 losses, and two ties.

How many times did Eagles Beat the Redskins?

only 152, but the bears have destroyed them for 204 times.

How many times a day do lions roar?

6 times