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Q: How many times have bacelona beat Chelsea in the UEFA?
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Who won the last uefa cup?

This years winner in the F.A cup was Chelsea.

How many times have Chelsea beat arsenal?

make sure arsenal all most they beat Chelsea

Who did Liverpool beat in the 2005 UEFA champions league?

deportivo, olympiacos, monaco, bayer leverkusen, juventus, Chelsea and milan

How many times have Chelsea beat Liverpool?

100 times

How many times Chelsea beat Manchester United?

how many times cheasea have beat manchesterunited

How many times did Chelsea beat Liverpool?


How many times did Manchester united beat Chelsea?


How many times has Manchester united beat Chelsea?


Who did man utd beat in the semi final of the uefa cup last year?

Manchester United did not play in the Uefa Cup last year. They played in the Champions League, the higher competition. They were matched against Barcelona in the semifinal and Chelsea in the final.

What was the date when Chelsea lost the champions league final vs man you?

The UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea took place on 21 May 2008. United beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties, after the match ended 1-1 after 120 minutes.

How many times have Chelsea beat Tottenham in the premier league?

Only twice.

How many uefa cups does Chelsea fc have?

Manchester United has won only one UEFA Super Cup and that was in 1991 when they beat the European Cup Champions, Red Star Belgrade 1-0 thanks to a 67th minute strike from Brian McClair.