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0 There been in the the Champions League Final losing 2-1 to Barcelona

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Q: How many times have arsenal been champions league champions?
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How many times have Arsenal been in the UEFA Champions League final?

Arsenal Have Been In The Uafa Champions Leuge 121 Times And Won 11 Titles .

How many times has arsenal won the champions league?

arsenal has been Runners up 1 time but still they have never won it

How many times have arsenal been in champions league final?

Arsenal have never won the champion league, the nearest they reached was the 2006 final, in which they lost to Barcelona, 2-1.

How many time has Arsenal qualified for champions league?

They have been there every year for 11 years.

How many times have man united been champions league champions?

2 times

How many times has Liverpool been in the champions league?


How many times has juventus been in champions league final?

12 times

Which 4 footballers have won the premier league along with he champions league and have also been relegated from the premier league before?

kanu ajax champions league, inter uefa cup arsenal league west bromwich relegated currently plays Portsmouth

How many times has the champions league been played?

e 2

How many times have Chelsea been to uefa champions league finals?

2 times

Who has the second most premier league tiltes after Manchester utd?

The first season of the Premier League was 1992-93, since then Manchester United have been champions 12 times, followed by Chelsea and Arsenal who have both won the championship 3 times each.

Which player has won the champions league and been relagated?

The Nigerian Kanu won the champion league with Ajax and was relegated with Portsmouth. But he has won the e.P. L with arsenal the F.A. with Arsenal and the U.E.F.A with Inter Milan some record.

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