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Wigan Athletic have never won the Premier League.

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Q: How many times have Wigan won the Premier League?
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How many Honduran players are there in the premier league?

There are 3 Honduran players currently playing in the English Premier League. They are: Wilson Palacios- Tottenham Hotspur Maynor Figueroa- Wigan Athletic Hendry Thomas- Wigan Athletic

How many times did Barcelona win the premier league?

0, they do not compete in the Premier League.

How many times has the premier league teams won the premier league?

Every time

How many times have man city won the premier league?

They have never won the Premier League.

How many times has Man city won the premier league?

37 times they are the best team in the premier league and always will be.

How many times arsenal have won barclays premier league?

Arsenal have won the Barclay's premier league 3 times

How many times have chelsea won the FA premier league?

Chelsea has won the FA Cup seven times. It has also won the premier league four times. The premier league is the most competitive league in England.

Which premier league club has never been relegated from the premier league?

Since it is in regards with the Premier League, There are many teams that have not been relegated from it They are: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackpool, Chelsea, Fulham, Liverpool. Manchester united, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspurs, And Wigan Athletic.

How many times have arsenal won the premier?

since it was called the premier league arsenal have won it 4 times but in total wining it when it was called league 1 and premier league thet have won it 20 times

How many times has Liverpool won the barclay premier?

Liverpool has won the premier league eighteen times.

How many times did mourinho win premier league?

2 times

How many times have man utd won premier league title?

18 times, equal with Liverpool who are also on 18 premier league titles.

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