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Wales have beaten South Africa in a full international only once in over a century of international Rugby between the sides.

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Q: How many times have Wales beaten South Africa in rugby?
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Who has won the most rugby games between South Africa and England?

Wales. Wales. Wales.

Which team play rugby in the Prince William cup?

wales and south Africa

Who has beaten South Africa in the rugby world cup?

as i know only 1 country that i know has beaten south africa the country names is NEW ZEALAND they are also called the all blacks

How many times have wales beaten New Zealand in rugby union?

hi wales have not beaten new zealand since 1953

When was New South Wales Rugby League created?

New South Wales Rugby League was created in 1908.

When did wales last beat south Africa in rugby union?

26th June 1999. In the Millenium Stadium (Wales Home ground). Score was Wales 29 to South Africas' 19.

When was New South Wales Rugby League premiership created?

New South Wales Rugby League premiership was created in 1908.

What country is the best at rugby?

Although South Africa has recently beaten New Zealand and South Africa are the reigning champions of the world in Rugby, New Zealand is commonly thought to be the team to beat. So New Zealand would be the answer to your question.

How many times have the kiwis beaten wales at rugby?

25 times out of 28 games :)

Which rugby World Cup pool is Samoa in?

Samoa are in Pool D for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, alongside Fiji, Namibia, South Africa, and Wales.

What are some rugby teams?

England New Zealand Wales Fiji Scotland Ireland Samoa Australia South Africa

Where have the rugby world cups bean held?

Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, France, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

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