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2 times

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Q: How many times have Uruguay been in the final of the world cup?
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How many times has the score of the world cup final has been 4-2?

Three times: 1930 Uruguay-Argentina 1938 Italy-Hungary 1966 England-West Germany

Did Brazil ever face Argentina in a world cup final?

No, not to date, i.e. before 2010. Argentina has been final three times: 1930 where they lost to Uruguay, 1978 where they beat the Netherlands and 1986 where they beat the Germans.

How far have Spain ever gone in a world cup?

Spain have, this year, got to the final against Holland, whom of which knocked out Uruguay. This is the first time Spain has been in a final and neither team has currently won a single world cup. (Germany and Uruguay will be fighting for bronze)

How many times have Uruguay been in the semifinals of the world cup?

3, twice they won it 34 and 50

How many times has Algeria been in the final?

Algeria has never been in the world cup final match. No yet anyway...

Who has been in the FIFA World Cup final most times?


How many times have they been held in America for the world cup?

The World Cup has been held in North America 3 times (Mexico twice, USA once), and South America 4 times (Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

How many times have England been in the rugby union world cup final?

England have been in the final 3 times - 1991, 2003 and 2007 Winning it in 2003.