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Q: How many times have Red Star won the Champions League?
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How many times have Chelsea won the champions league?

Chelsea have won the champions league 3 times

How many times beyern munchen won the champions league?

bayern munich won uefa champions league 4 times

How many times did benfica get to the finals in the champions league?

Benifica have reached the Champions league finals 7 times. They won the trophy in 1961 and 1962.

How many times did Barcelona win the champions league?

Barcelona, the current greatest club in the world has won champions league three (3) times.

How many times have man you got through to the champions league?

3 times won the champion league.

How many times have arsenal won champions league?


How many times have Wolfsburg won the champions league?


How many times has chelseawon the champions league?

Just the once.

How Many Times Has Realmadrid Taken Champions league?


How many times Barcelona had won champions league in which year?

four times

How many times have leads united won the champions league?

Zero times.

How many times has juventus been in champions league final?

12 times