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Real Madrid CF have 18 Copa Del Rey cup titles.

FC Barcelona have 26 Copa Del Rey cup titles.

The most latest winner of the Copa Del Rey is Atletico Madrid.

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Q: How many times have Real Madrid C.F beaten F.C Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey?
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What were spanish league winners in 1913?

The Copa del Rey in Barcelona champion was Barcelona. The Copa del Rey in Madrid chamption was Racing de Irún.

Was the winner of the Copa del Rey in 1942?

The Copa del Rey winners in 1942 was FC Barcelona.

How many Copa Del Rey trophies have FC Barcelona won?

FC Barcelona have won 3 titles

When did real Madrid won on Barcelona 11-1?

It was in 1943 for the Copa del Generalísimo

What is Real Madrid vs Barcelona football record?

The answer is : Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona, in the first leg of Copa Del Rey -June 13, 1943.

How many times Real Madrid defeat Barcelona since 2000?

9 times: 7 in the league, 1 in the Copa Del Ray and 1 in the Champions League

When is the cope del rey this year in soccer?

The Copa Del Rey was played between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Real Madrid beat Barcelona by one goal. on 20/4/2011.

Who won copa America?

Real Madrid won this season when he went vs Barcelona the score was 1-0.

Who has won the copa del rey the most times?

FC Barcelona has won the Copa Del Rey the most times. They've won it 26 times times

How much time Real Madrid won Copa del Rey?

18 times

How many times has Barcelona won the copa del ray?

Barcelona won the Spanish Cup in the same season in which he scored the highest number of goals, and how many?

Real Madrid vs Barcelona date and kick-off time?

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Copa del Rey semi final will be played on March 2, 2023. For viewers in the UK, the match will kick off at 8.00 pm (GMT) and for the viewers in the US, it is at 3.00 pm (ET).