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New Castle United have won two or three F.A. Cups in their history.

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Q: How many times have Newcastle won the first division?
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How many times new castle united won epl?

Newcastle United have never won the Premier League, infact only 5 teams have Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Manchester City Newcastle have won the first division title 4 times however

How many tmes have man utd won the first division?

They have won the First Division/Premier League 18 times.

How many times has Newcastle won the premiership?


How many times did Newcastle lose in the FAcup final?

7 times... In finals 13 times and won 6

How many times have Newcastle united been on sky sports this season?


How many times has Newcastle won the premier league?

3-4 times

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How many times has Tottenham beaten Newcastle?

Tottenham have beat Manchester City 21 times in the Premier League.

How many times has man u won Newcastle?

man u won 5 to 10 times

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