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Q: How many times have NFL players went on strike?
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Why did baseball players go on strike in 1981?

The MLB players went on strike in 1981 due to the fact of low salaries and unfair salaries. The players, who do most of the work, were walking out of a season with barely 5 percent of what the manager makes. The team manager was the guy who was getting all the cash, and the players knew it. They went on strike, and won.

In 494 b.c what did many Roman plebeians do to protest for equal rights?

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How many people went on strike for the railroad strike of 1877?

over 300 railroad workers

How many current NFL players went to University of Florida?

15 players

How many Super Bowls did the Redskins win in strike years?

The Redskins won Super Bowls in two strike years. In 1982, the players went on strike and seven games were cancelled. The Redskins wound up the regular season at 8-1 and defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII 27-17. In 1987, the players went on strike and one game was cancelled and three other games were played with replacement players. The Redskins wound up the regular season with an 11-4 record and defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII 42-10.

Why was the September 27 1987 football game between Dallas and Buffalo cancelled?

I think it was due to a strike by the players. If I remember correctly the 1st two weeks of the season were played. The following week the players went on strike and no games were played, which probably would have been the Sept. 27th game. The next week replacement players were used.

What happened nationally because of the 1877 railroad strike?

Other workers went on strike in support.

How many Kentucky players in 2009 went to the NBA?


If a ten year old went on strike?

Strike from what exactly?

When did baseball go on strike?

It went on strike in 1981 and 1994

Why were the Major League Baseball players on strike in 1994?

There was no Collective Bargaining Agreement, it having expired December 31, 1993 and the main issue stalling negotiations was that the owners wanted a salary cap and the players did not. And there was no Commissioner, the owners having fired Fay Vincent in September, 1992. So both sides butted heads without a Commissioner to ensure the negotiations were done promptly and professionally. In July, 1994 the players set a strike day of August 12 if a deal was not in place. Negotiations were unsuccessful and the players went on strike.

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