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So far they have won it five times, they last won it in 2005

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5 Times

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Q: How many times have Liverpool won the uefa champions league?
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How many times has Liverpool Football Club won the Champions League?

5 times

How many times have Liverpool football club won the Champions league?

5 times.

How many times has livepool won the champion league?

Liverpool have won the Champions league 5 times. They won it in 1977,1978,1981,1984 and 2005.

How many times did Liverpool qualify for the champions league in premier league era?

Liverpool have qualified 20 more times than the scum of chealsea so it is 36

How many times has Liverpool won the champions league and which years?

Year Teams & Countries ResultPlace

Did Liverpool won any titles?

Many , Liverpool Best Titles were the 5 times winning the Champions League. In The 8Os they were the best team in the world. :)

How many times does a team have to win the champions league to take the trophy home?

Five. The last team to do this was Liverpool FC

How many times have man united been English league champions?

They won it last year, and are equal with Liverpool with 18 titles.

How many times did ac milan lost champions league final?

Three times in the Champions League era: 1993 (to Marseille), 1995 (to Ajax) and 2005 (to Liverpool). They also lost the 1958 European Cup final to Real Madrid.

How many Liverpool players with names ending in letter a have scored in champions league?


How many times has Liverpool won the champions leaugue title?

Liverpool have won the European Cup/Champions League five times. Their first triumph was in 1977, then '78, '81, '84, and '05. They have won the third most European cups of any team, after Real Madrid with nine and AC Milan with seven.

How many times have man city won the European cup?

Manchester City has never won the Champions League.