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Liverpool Football Club has won the Community Shield Cup fifteen times.

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Q: How many times have Liverpool football club won the community shield cup?
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How many time Liverpool football club won charity shield?

Liverpool have won it 15 times (5 times out these it was shared)

How many times have arsenal won the FA community shield?

Arsenal won FA community shield 13 times and are the current holder of the shield.

What has everton won?

First divison 9 times Second divison once Fa cup 5 times Community shield 9 times Liverpool senior cup 45 times Cup winner cup once

Who has won more trophies Liverpool fc or Everton fc?

In short, Liverpool F.C. Liverpool have won the League 18 times, the FA Cup 7 times, the European Cup/Champions League 5 times, the UEFA Cup 3 times, the UEFA Super Cup 3 times, the Cup Winners Cup 3 times, the League Cup 7 times, the Community Shield 15 times and the (old) Second Division 3 times. Everton have won the League 9 times, the FA Cup 5 times, the Cup Winners Cup once, the Community Shield 9 times and the (old) Second Division once.

How many times has Barcelona Football Club beaten Liverpool?


What trophies does Liverpool fc have?

Liverpool have eighteen Football League First Division titles, four Second Division titles, and one Lancashire League title.Liverpool have won the FA Cup seven times, and the League Cup seven times. They have won the Charity Shield / Community Shield a total of fifteen times, ten outright and five shared with other teams.They have won the Super Cup on one occasion.They have won the European Cup and Champions League on five occasions, the UEFA Cup three times, and the UEFA Super Cup three times.

How many times have Manchester united won the community shield?

they have 17 times..!!

How many times have have Liverpool football club won the league cup?

7 times.

How many times have Liverpool football club won the Champions league?

5 times.

How many times has Liverpool been relegated from the football league?


What football team won many times in the uefa cup?

It is Liverpool.

Who won the community shield more times?

Manchester United. Won it 18 times

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