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If by super cup, you mean the EUFA Super Cup; then they have won it 3 times.

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Q: How many times have Liverpool fc won the supper cup?
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How many times has Liverpool participated in a world cup tournament?

Liverpool can not participate at a world cup.

How many times have liverpool won fa cup?


How many times has Liverpool won the UEFA cup?


How many times have have Liverpool football club won the league cup?

7 times.

What football team won many times in the uefa cup?

It is Liverpool.

How many times did Liverpool win fifa club world cup?

Liverpool can only win the e..p.L and not the world cup.

How many time has Liverpool won the the fa cup?

7 times 6times

How many time have Liverpool one the uefa super cup?

Liverpool have won the U.e.F.a cup only five times. 2005 was the last time , they beat A.C.Milan on penalties.

How many times has Liverpool won the fa cup in a row?

Liverpool has won the FA Cup a total of 7 times. There most recent FA Cup win was in the 2005-2006 season.

Who won the carling cup the most times?


Which club of football has won the most cups?

the most win fa cup team is Manchester united and they get the cup for 11 times while arsenal won the cup for 10 times, tottenham 8 times, Liverpool 7 times, Aston vila 7 times and Chelsea 6 times

Who has won the the fa cup the most?

Manchester City have won the Fa cup 11 times..Where as Liverpool have only won the Fa cup 7 times. That is not true. Manchester United are the team who have the most FA Cup wins.