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3 times,Barcelona at 2002,Arsenel at 2004,Liverpool at 2008

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Q: How many times have Chelsea lost at Stamford Bridge?
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When was the battle of Stamford bridge and who won and lost?

The battle of Stamford Bridge was on 25th of September 1066 and Harold Godwinson won And Harold Hadrada Lost !

What happend to Harold hardrada after he won the battle of Stanford bridge?

Harold Hardrada lost the Battle of Stamford Bridge to King Harold Godwinsson

How many matches did Chelsea lost?

This season 10 times.

What did Harold godwinson do that was clever?

Harold Godwinson won the Battle of Stamford bridge. but then he lost the Battle of Hastings.he Cept taxes the samesays another user

How many times has Chelsea played man you?

chelsea has played 43 matches and won 14 and lost 13 and drawn 16

Invasion of Britain by the normans?

Was lead by Harold I after he had won the battle of Stamford Bridge against Tostig and Harald Hadraada. He then lost to the Normans and William the Conquerer became King.

What year was the battle of stamford bridge?

The year of the Battle of Stamford Bridge was 1066. It took place just under a month before the Battle of Hastings. However, this battle was between King Harold, and his brother Tostig and a force of Norwegian soldiers led by Harald Hardrada. Tostig and Harald both lost their lives, and Harold was victorious.

What happened at the battle of stamford bridge between harald hardrada and Harold godwineson?

A battle. The Viking King believed he could enforce his claim to be King of England whereas Godwinson disagreed. The Viking lost. Still, that other ethnic Norseman, Guilliam the Bastard came only later in the year to enforce his claim and won.

Who won the Battle of Stamford Bridge and what happend to the loser?

Who won Battle of Stamford Bridge?Harold Godwinson won it but lost some of his best men at war which was upsetting to him. Harold didn't share any of the rewards that him and his men war so that made him unpopular.

How many times did Chelsea win the champion league?

Chelsea have never won the Champions League

How many times Chelsea has beaten Manchester United?

Chelsea has played 43 matches and won 14 and lost 13 and drawn 16 against the Man U

What football club has played the most times at wembley stadium and never lost?

Ipswich town fc!