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Brazil have lost World Cup finals twice - in 1950 when they lost to Uruguay (although that was not really a final, more of a last match of the round robin competition), and in 1998 when they lost to France.

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Brazil has played the final match seven times and it has won it five times.

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Brazil have been in all 20 world cups, having won 5 titles with their most recent being in South Korea/Japan in 2002.

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the answer is 7

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Q: How many times have Brazil played in the final of the world cup football tournament?
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Which two football teams played in the 1962 world cup final?

Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Brazil won 3-1.

Has Brazil won fa cup final?

Brazil can not win the FA cup. The FA cup is a club tournament and not a national one. That is why we have the World Cup.

Who has played in the most World Cup final?

India and Australia have both played 9 world cups in Cricket. In football Brazil has played the most by playing 19 World cups!

Who are the winners of kopa america football?

Uruguay won the tournament this summer beating Paraguay in the final

Which team handed Brazil their heaviest ever defeat at a FIFA World Cup final tournament?

France 3-0 in the 1998 world cup final

Who played in the confed cup semi final 09?

South Africa, Spain, Brazil & the USA. Brazil won the final.

Date of the women's final at the Australian Open?

The women's final is normally played on the second Saturday of the tournament.

What was zinedine zidane role in the 1998 world cup championship?

Zinedine Zidane was named as one of the players of the tournament in France '98. He played his usual international position for France in midfield, wearing the number 10 shirt. Early in the tournament Zidane was awarded a red card and a two match ban in the group stage against Saudi Arabia. He then went on to redeem himself, scoring twice in the cup final vs Brazil and helping France win the tournament.

Which team score most goals in wc football final so far?


Who did Uruguay face in the 1950 world cup final?

Strictly speaking there wasn't a final in the 1950 tournament, but a final group stage. Uruguay beat Brazil in the last game to clinch the trophy.

Which team handed Brazil their heaviest ever defeat at a fifa world cup final tournament... Italy or France or Germany?


When will Nigeria play Brazil in olympic football match final?

they will play Argentina since Argentina already destroyed Brazil 3-0