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the answer is 7

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Q: How many times have Brazil played in the final of the world cup football tournament?
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How many times has Brazil played in the final of the World Cup football final?


Which two football teams played in the 1962 world cup final?

Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Brazil won 3-1.

Has Brazil won fa cup final?

Brazil can not win the FA cup. The FA cup is a club tournament and not a national one. That is why we have the World Cup.

Who are the winners of kopa america football?

Uruguay won the tournament this summer beating Paraguay in the final

Who has played in the most World Cup final?

India and Australia have both played 9 world cups in Cricket. In football Brazil has played the most by playing 19 World cups!

Who played in the confed cup semi final 09?

South Africa, Spain, Brazil & the USA. Brazil won the final.

How many times has Uruguay won the football world cup?

2. In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup, it was played in Uruguay and in 1950 in Brazil. In the second one won the final againt Brazil (local team) and that match is known as "the Maracanazo" because it was played in the Maracaná Stadium and Brazil was the favorite team to win that final.

Date of the women's final at the Australian Open?

The women's final is normally played on the second Saturday of the tournament.

In which last football final tournament held?

Wembley. It was the Johnson Paints Trophy. Last month I think

Which team handed Brazil their heaviest ever defeat at a FIFA World Cup final tournament?

France 3-0 in the 1998 world cup final

Which team score most goals in wc football final so far?


Who won World Cup football in 1985?

There was no World Cup in 1985 - in 1986 Argentina won the World Cup beating Germany in the final. It was hosted by Mexico. If you meant 1958, then the tournament, held in Sweden, was won by a Pele-inspired Brazil. They beat the hosts in the final.

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