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Brazil have been to every world cup since it started by F.I.F.A in 1930, a grand total of 18 times. a record.

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2009-10-24 04:19:52
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Q: How many times have Brazil been in FIFA world cup finals?
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How many times did Brazil won the worldcup?

Brazil, won the Fifa World Cup 5 times. Behind them are Germany and Italy. Who have won the Fifa World Cup 4 times. The team that has gone to the finals and not won, the most is Spain.

Where did Brazil come in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Brazil were knocked out in the quarter finals by Holland.

Who played the 1994 World Cup finals?

Brazil and Italy played in the 1994 fifa world cup final. Brazil won the 1994 fifa world cup.

How many times has Ghana reached the FIFA World Cup semi-finals?

Ghana has never been in the FIFA World Cup semi-finals.

The number of times Brazil has appeared in the world cup?

Brazil are preparing to contest their 19th consecutive FIFA World Cup finals. They are the only country to have taken part in every edition of the global showpiece.

Which countries are in the semifinals of FIFA World Cup 2014?

Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina qualified for semi-finals in FIFA World Cup 2014.

How many times did Brazil host the world cup?

Brazil was the host country of 1950 FIFA World Cup. Brazil will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who played in the 1950 Fifa World Cup finals?

Uruguay v/s brazil. Uruguay won.

At what stage did England get knocked out of the 1962 FIFA World Cup?

England lost to Brazil in the quarter finals

How many times have Netherlands and Brazil met in previous FIFA World Cups?

They have met a total of 4 times including this world cup. 2010- quarter finals. Netherlands 2-1 Brazil 1998- semi finals. Brazil 4-2 (penalties) Netherlands 1994- quarter finals. Brazil 3-2 Netherlands 1974- what was then called second round (I consider this game the semis) Netherlands 2-0 Brazil

How many times have Lebanon been in the FIFA World Cup?

Lebanon have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals.

Who did England lose to in 2002 World Cup?

Brazil defeated England in the 2002 fifa world cup quarter-finals. England 1-2 Brazil.

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