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Q: How many times have Barcelona and realmadrid played?
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How many times did Barcelona win realmadrid and how many times did realmadrid win Barcelona?

Barcelona has 63 wins against Real madrid, and Real Madrid has 68 wins against barcelona.

How many times has Barcelona beaten realmadrid in laliga bbva?

Barcelona have beaten real Madrid 63 times.

A famous football team in Spain?

There are many famous teams in Spain, they are Barcelona, RealMadrid and Valencias.

How many times did realmadrid won la liga?


How Many Times Has Realmadrid Taken Champions league?


How many times have arsenal played against real Madrid?

11 arsenal win 10 & realmadrid win1 drown 0

How many times have fc Barcelona and Chelsea fc played?

two times

How many times has Barcelona played against Ajax?


How many times has Barcelona beaten Chelsea?

probably 6 no clue how many matches they have played.

How many time has arsenal played Barcelona in champions league?

56 times

How many times has arsenal beaten real Madrid?

Arsenal has played realmadrid twice in the champions league2006/07 they had a win 1-0 and also adraw

How many times has chelsea played with barcelona?

10 times,the eleventh time was when they played them at stamford bridge on 17 april 2012