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0 times because Manchester United is the best!

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Q: How many times have Arsenal won against Manchester united?
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How many times have Arsenal played against Manchester united and who won most?


Have arsenal beat Manchester united than they arsenal?

arsenal have beaten Manchester utd way more times

How many times has Manchester United defeated Arsenal?


What club has met Manchester United the most number of times?

In the premier league, Manchester United has met Arsenal the most number of times. These two teams have played against each other 189 times.

How many times have Manchester United beat Arsenal at highbury?

500 times

How many times have Manchester United beat Arsenal in a row?


Which clubs have won the English premiership?

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Blackburn have all won the Premier League. 1992-1993 Manchester United 1993-1994 Manchester United 1994-1995 Blackburn 1995-1996 Manchester United 1996-1997 Manchester United 1997-1998 Arsenal 1998-1999 Manchester United 1999-2000 Manchester United 2000-2001 Manchester United 2001-2002 Arsenal 2002-2003 Manchester United 2003-2004 Arsenal 2004-2005 Chelsea 2005-2006 Chelsea 2006-2007 Manchester United 2007-2008 Manchester United 2008-2009 Manchester United 2009-2010 Chelsea Those are the winners of the tournament up to this day. It shows that Manchester United have won it 11 times, Chelsea 3 times, Arsenal 3 times and Blackburn have won it once.

How many times have Manchester united beat arsenal in the premier league?


How many times have Arsenal won the league?

13to Liverpool and Manchester United's 18

How many times have arsenal taken the fa cub?

Arsenal have won the F.A cup ten times, only Manchester United have won it more, they have won it 11 times.

How many times has Arsenal-played-with-Manchester-united and who win most?

42 times and man u won 34

How many times has Manchester united met AsernalS?

It is approximately 300 times since 1950 that we have played arsenal Ben :-)

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