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Q: How many times have Arsenal played against Manchester united and who won most?
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Who has played for Liverpool Manchester United and Arsenal?


What is the biggest win of Arsenal against Manchester United?

In 1952 Arsenal beat Manchester United 8-2. In 2011 (only 59 years later) MU won 8-2 against Arsenal.

How many times have Arsenal won against Manchester united?

0 times because Manchester United is the best!

What is the biggest Arsenal win against Manchester United?


Who was the 49th game against in Arsenal's unbeaten run?

Manchester united

Manchester United players who have played against Manchester Unitedwhile?

A few names come to the mind. Nicky Butt who played for New castle United, Michael Owen who played for New Castle United, and Mikael Silvester, who played for arsenal.

Against which team Henry scored his first hatrick when he was in arsenal?

It was against Manchester United.

Why did arsenal lose to Manchester United?

Coz Djoroue played

Who played for Manchester united arsenal Chelsea Liverpool and in Spain?

There are a few Michael Owen played for Liverpool , Manchester United and real Madrid. Nickolas Anelka played for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Chelsea. Diego Forlan has played for Manchester United and Villarreal and Athletico < Madrid.

Is arsenal better than Manchester united?

Arsenal is way better than Manchester United and Manchester City!

What is the biggest win of Manchester United against arsenal?

I believe it was just recently on 8/28/11. Manchester United destroyed Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford.Yes Manchester United Destroyed Arsenal It Was The Worst Beaten they had since 1870's maybe

Is Manchester United or Arsenal better?

Manchester United and Arsenal are both considered to be two excellent teams.

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