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As of 2010, Arsenal had beaten Chelsea approximately fifteen times more than Chelsea had beaten Arsenal, consistent with the fact that Arsenal won the first two games the leagues played.

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Q: How many times have Arsenal beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge since the premiership began?
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Have Chelsea played arsenal this season?

Yes, they played 3rd October 2010 at Stamford Bridge, 2-0 Chelsea.

Who play at stamford bridge?

The team that play at stamford bridge is Chelsea F.C.

Who is the tenant of Stamford Bridge?

The tenant of Stamford Bridge is Chelsea F.C. in England.

What stadium is stamford bridge?


Who plays at stamford bridge?

Chelsea fc

Is stamford bridge chelsea's stadium?


What is the stadium of Chelsea called?

Stamford Bridge.

Where is Chelsea fc located?

Chelsea play at stamford bridge in London

Where do Chelsea play there home games?

Chelsea's home ground is:- Stamford Bridge Stadium Stamford Bridge Fulham Road London SW6 1HS

What is the stadium of the football team Chelsea?

stamford bridge

What is Chelsea fc home ground?

Chelsea's home ground is Stamford Bridge.

How many locations does Chelsea FC have?

Chelsea FC only has one location, and it is in Fulham, at Stamford Bridge. When they play away they are elsewhere but their home field is Stamford Bridge.

Which team has their home ground named Stamford Bridge?

The team that has their home ground named Stamford Bridge is Chelsea in England.

Where does Chelsea FC play?

Stamford Bridge, London, England.

Where is chelsea's football ground?

It is in London and it is called Stamford Bridge

What is the capacity of Chelsea FC?

41,841 is the capacity of stamford bridge.

Where does Chelsea football club play at home?

Chelsea play their matches at Stamford Bridge.

Where does Chelsea FC live at?

Chelsea is a English football club, based at Stamford Bridge.

Which football team plays at stamford bridge?

The Chelsea Football Team!!!

Stamford Bridge is the Home Ground of which football club?

Chelsea FC

Where is Chelsea fc is situated?

England, London (south-west), Stamford Bridge

Who are Chelsea playing this weekend?

Sunday Jan 2nd, Stamford Bridge 1:30pm Chelsea v Bolton

In what stadium does Chelsea play football?

Downie Arena Stamford Bridge?? By any chance?

Where do Chelsea FC play their home games?

Their home arena is Stamford Bridge, London

What is the address of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club Stamford Bridge Fulham Road London SW6 1HS