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Q: How many times has usc played lsu?
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Who has the most Championships USC or LSU?


What is LSU's record against Southern California in football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, LSU and USC have played twice and the series is at 1-1. USC won in Baton Rouge, 17-12, in 1979 and LSU won in Los Angeles, 23-3, in 1984.

Did lsu every play university of southern cal in football?

LSU played USC only twice. In 1979, LSU lost 17-12 at home. However, in 1984, LSU beat USC bad in Los Angeles 23-3. What may happen if they play today we won't know until there is a football playoff (Geaux Tigers!)

How many times has fsu played usc trogans?


What is the all-time series record between USC and LSU?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the 2007 season USC and LSU have met twice and each has won a game. In 1979, USC won 17-12 and in 1984, LSU won 23-3.

How many times has Kansas State played USC in football?


Which five NCAA teams have the most active players in the NFL how many?


How many times has Ohio State played USC?

As of the 2008 season the schools have met 21 times with USC holding a 11-9-1 lead in the series. Their last game was on September 29, 1990 in Columbus with USC winning 35-26.

Who has won the BCS National Championships for the last 9 years?

2001-USC, 2002-ohio state, 2003-LSU, 2004-USC, 2005-TEXAS, 2006-Florida, 2007-LSU, 2008-Florida, 2009-Alabama

Has the University of Georgia ever played USC?

UGA and USC have met three times on the gridiron (1931, 1933, 1960). USC won all three games.

How many bowl games has USC played?

The USC Trojans have played in 47 bowl games with a record of 31-16.

How many times has Alabama played USC in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Alabama and USC have met 7 times, the last time being the 1985 Aloha Bowl, with Alabama holding a 5-2 lead in the series.

Top 5 college football stadiums?

Michigan Tennessee Penn State LSU Usc

Has North Carolina Tarheel ever played USC Trojans Before?

The North Carolina Tarheels have played the USC Trojans. They have also played many others.

How many times has Arkansas played Southern Cal in football?

5 times with USC leading the series 4-1. The two teams last met in 2006.

What is the Michigan record against usc?

As of the start of the 2008 season, Michigan and USC have played 10 times and USC leads the series 6-4. They have met in the Rose Bowl 8 times and USC has won 6 of the 8. Michigan has won the only two contests in the regular season.

2003 BCS national championship?

LSU Tigers and USC Trojans both finished #1 in the final AP poll due to controversies.LSU won the national championship game, USC didn't play in it but many thought they were the best team that year.

Did Auburn share a national championship with LSU?

Nope i thought the same thing but they actually shared it with USC

Why is USC so good?

I am a LSU fan and I know for a fact that USC will destroy us. I don't think any other team can beat USC. I hope we don't play them in the BCS championship games... it's a gaurantee lost for us....

What teams played in the last 7 national college football championships?

2003 - LSU d Oklahoma 2004 - USC d Oklahoma 2005 - Texas d USC 2006 - Florida d Ohio State 2007 - LSU d Ohio State 2008 - Florida d Oklahoma 2009 - Alabama d Texas

How many times did USC go to the Rose Bowl?

As of the start of the 2007 season, USC has made 31 Rose Bowl appearances and won 22 times.

Which college football team won the 2003 NCAA football championship?

LSU Tigers / shared it with USC, the better team that year, but the BCS blows so they didn't pick the right team for LSU to play.

Did fsu ever played usc in football?

Yes twice and FSU won both times

How many times has the Univ of Southern California played football in Columbus Ohio?

Through the 2008 season, USC has met Ohio State in Columbus 7 times. 1) 1938 - USC 14, OSU 7 2) 1942 - OSU 28, USC 12 3) 1947 - USC 32, OSU 0 4) 1948 - OSU 20, USC 0 5) 1960 - OSU 20, USC 0 6) 1964 - OSU 17, USC 0 7) 1990 - USC 35, OSU 26

What are the top 5 winningest college football programs in the last 5 years?

Florida, USC, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, LSU.