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some should hunt you down and shoot North Carolina.

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Q: How many times has the university of North Carolina played a men basketball game in North Carolina?
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What is the university of North Carolina best known for?


How many basketball teams are there in North Carolina?

NCAA D1: Appalachian State University Campbell University Davidson College Duke University East Carolina University Elon University Gardner-Webb University High Point University University of North Carolina - Asheville North Carolina A&T State University North Carolina Central University North Carolina State University University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill University of North Carolina - Charlotte University of North Carolina - Greensboro University of North Carolina - Wilmington Wake Forest University Western Carolina University NBA: Charlotte bobcats

Who won NCAA basketball championship in 2009?

The University of North Carolina

Which college has produced the most pro basketball players?

The University of North Carolina

What is the basketball team of the University of North Carolina?

The Tar Heels! Go Heels!

What college basketball team did Micheal Jordan play for?

University of North Carolina

First black basketball player at the university of North Carolina?

Charlie Scott.

University of North Carolina men's basketball coach in 1957?

Frank McGuire.

Who was in the 2009 NCAA basketball finals?

Michigan State and University of North Carolina

Which famous basketball players went to the university of north Carolina?

Michael jordan.

How many consecutive wins does the University of North Carolina basketball team have over Clemson within the state of North Carolina?

Clemson is 0-55 in North Carolina.

What was the score of the liberty university and university of North Carolina basketball game when university of North Carolina was a 1 seed and liberty university was a 16 seed in NCAA march madness?

71-51 North Carolina in the first round of the 1994 NCAA tournament.

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